Imports - Exports

Imports - Exports
Talipis Apostolοs | Evosmos - Thessaloniki

For the customs office TALIPIS APOSTOLOS, the imports and exports of products and goods are our specialty. We undertake import and export services to and from a wide range of countries around the world with consistency and efficiency. We take into account the fact that each country has its own peculiarities, making each case unique.
For this reason, each case is examined separately with special attention to detail, in order to ensure for you the most advantageous solution. 

Our office offers the following services:
Import / export customs clearance
Processing import / export documents
Service availability 24 hours / 7 days
Private customs warehouse
Legal advice on tariffs and trade
Bank guarantee
Data management



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so as to inform you about the exact cost and to carry out 
all the necessary procedures for admission to our country.